frequently asked questions

Are children allowed?

Of course! This is a family-friendly event, but ask that adults keep an eye on their children at all times.

Can I smoke in the venue?

Smoking and vaping is not allowed on the school grounds.

What can I bring in the venue?

You can bring a water bottle, blankets, insect-repellant, sunscreen, low-backed chairs, backpack, essential items, money, hula hoops, and a good attitude.

“Bring a reusable water bottle.”
– Janie, Charlottesville, VA

What is weather like?

We expect the weather to be quite sunny and warm, although the weather in Central Virginia can change.

Sun Safety

Bring your sunglasses and sun block.

What if it rains?

The show will go on! The main stage can be turned around so that seating will be available under our pavilion and extra tent space.

“Always check the weather (of course!) but, no matter what the weather says, throw a rain poncho and a long sleeve shirt or light wrap in your bag. I always bring at least two ponchos so I can give one (or more) away to someone who needs it!”
– Nisa Wilson, Austin, Texas

Tickets & Wristbands

To purchase tickets, please click here: cwaldorf.ejoinme.org/jamfesttickets.

If you have purchased tickets online, please bring ID to the Ticket Booth to pick up your entry wristband.

If you have purchased a paper ticket, please visit the Ticket Booth to pick up your entry wristband.

Tickets are non-refundable, as with most festivals and concerts.

Leave your wristband on for the duration of the Festival, it is non-transferrable and replacements will not be provided.

Vehicles & Parking

General parking at the Charlottesville Catholic School is for day use only. Disability parking is available on the Waldorf School campus.



Festival Tips

“Strike up a conversation with the unknown person standing/sitting/dancing next to you (between the music, of course!) – you already have the music and the event in common. At the very least, pass along a smile.”
– Gwen Conner, Rosanky, Texas

“Be courteous and don’t hold up your phone in front of people to record long sessions of a performance. Be in the moment. Close your eyes. Open your palms toward the music and dance like no one’s watching. You’ll replay that memory in your head more than your video, I promise.”
– Nisa Wilson, Austin, Texas

“Make time for bands you’ve never heard of. They always end up being my fest highlights – not just because they are good, but because I feel like I’ve ‘discovered’ some hidden treasure that I can share with my friends who aren’t there.”
– Joel Simon, Chicago, Illinois

“Relax, go with the flow. Understand that at some point, two acts you’d like to see may be performing at the same time on different stages. Resign yourself to the fact that you might not be able to see everyone you want to.”
– Paul Mueller, Houston, Texas

“Clap real loud for the musicians.”
– Charles Link, Austin, Texas

“Pretend like everyone at the festival is your favorite family member, you will be treated the same in kind.”
– Jeanette Ward, Austin, Texas

“Soak a bandana in the bottom of your cooler. Wrap around neck when the sun starts shining. This will keep you cool ya dig?”
– Greg Day, Austin, Texas